Kayaking the Charles

Boston, Massachusetts

I did it.

I kayaked the Charles River.

This has been on my summer bucket list since last summer. I wanted to check it off of my list this summer. Before the kayak adventure, I read up on some tips of what to expect. Fellow blogger, Gabi, has great tips. My friend, Molly, had also wanted to go on a kayaking adventure, so we met at the Kendall Square location, rented our kayaks, then set off on an adventure.

Things to note:

  • Paddle Boston is not in an actual building, the pop up tent you'll see is where you rent the boats from

  • Wear a swimsuit or your gym clothes. As you're paddling, water drips down into the boat and you'll get wet!

  • You can rent a dry bag for $1. They recommend placing anything you don't want wet in a plastic ziploc bag before placing it in your dry bag.

  • Wear shoes you don't care about as they will get wet

Photo Jul 15, 4 20 13 PM
Photo Jul 15, 5 14 29 PM
Photo Jul 15, 5 16 16 PM

The river was very choppy to paddle, I thought I was going to capsize a couple of times, but I did not flip over. Since the river was choppy, it was very easy to move quickly across the river if you stopped paddling to take a picture. I would try to snap a photo but before I knew it, I was in the opposite direction of where I wanted to be.

Photo Jul 15, 5 22 06 PM
Photo Jul 15, 5 31 54 PM
Photo Jul 15, 5 33 24 PM
Photo Jul 15, 5 22 47 PM
Photo Jul 15, 5 45 26 PM
Photo Jul 15, 5 23 03 PM
Photo Jul 15, 5 32 35 PM

Have you kayaked on the Charles? How was your experience?