Who doesn't love fresh guacamole? I love fresh guacamole. The only down fall to making fresh guac in Massachusetts is having to pay so much for avocados. Yes, I'm still complaining about the price of avocados here. But I will not go into trying to pick the best avocados.

What you need:

  • Avocados
  • Lime


  • Cilantro
  • Tomatos
  • Onions

Photo Aug 06, 3 31 47 PM

Step One | Cut the avocado

After opening the avocado, you'll need to remove the pit. After that, slice the avocado into a grid. Scoop all the insides into your bowl.

Photo Aug 06, 3 33 23 PM

Step Two | Mash the avocado

I used multiple utensils to help mash my avocado. I used a spoon, fork and potato masher. This is the longest part because there is a lot of avocado you need to smash - especially if you're making it for a party. I mashed one side of the avocado at the time to make it a little easier.

Photo Aug 06, 3 31 36 PMPhoto Aug 06, 3 56 56 PM

Step Three | Add the lime

Squeeze in some lime to add a bit of flavor. Mix it all up.

Photo Aug 06, 4 03 01 PM

If you choose to add tomato, onions and cilantro, add it in and stir it up.

Photo Aug 06, 4 09 43 PM

Ta-da! It's done and you're ready to serve it at your next party!