I had the opportunity to attend Tangoella's fashion show presented by VOGE at Ascend Boston! Ella Tang, founder of Tangoella, was debuting her fall line, as well as promoting her Day to Dance Kickstarter.

Ascend Boston is one of my new favorite venues - I love the exposed brick and the archways!

Photo Aug 27, 7 58 08 PM

What I love about Tangoella's fashion shows is there are dance numbers incorporated with the show. The night will begin with a dance, then a round of the line, another dance, another round, etc. All the dancers are amazing and have great numbers to show off.

Photo Aug 27, 8 26 12 PM

Our host for the night was Sterling Golden of Sterlingtology Live morning show on WEMF Radio.

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Aren't the dancers phenomenal!? They're amazing!


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I had a great time at the fashion show and loved all of the pieces! They were all perfect for fall!