My first stop in Rockport was Roy Moore Lobster Company. I was so hungry when I arrived, I could not wait to eat.

Photo Sep 04, 11 59 36 AM

Roy Moore Lobster Company is a little "hole in the wall" place, with a small menu, but perfect for what it is. You can get a lobster, a lobster roll, chowder, salmon and a few other items.

Photo Sep 04, 11 59 43 AM

I ordered the lobster roll which came with a bag of chips. After getting my food, I went to the patio in the back. The patio is not huge, but if you walk past all the tables to the harbor, you can sit on the ledge or wood pallets and have great views of the boats and Motif #1. It was gorgeous out. The lobster roll was so delicious. I was so happy there was no celery in the mix, because I am not particularly fond of celery mixed in. I like celery, just not with my lobster.

Photo Sep 04, 12 06 20 PM

Have you been to Roy Moore Lobster Company? What did you think of it?