Will Travel for Concerts

Los Angeles, California

One of my favorite things is to attend concerts. The past couple of concerts I have attended, I have traveled to because I love the artist that much. People think its strange when I tell them I'm traveling to a city outside of Boston for a concert. I may take my concert traveling to the extreme {Nashville + LA}, however, I wouldn't trade it! It makes for great experiences and a chance to see the band - especially if they are not coming to Boston.


For my most recent concert adventure, I traveled to LA to see Simple Plan perform at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. Yes, they're not as mainstream as they were in the early 2000s, but they're still amazing. They put on an awesome show.


Their two opening bands were okay. I am not running to buy their music, but they weren't terrible to listen to live. I had to buy ear plugs at the event because each band only turned the volume up louder than the previous band. If I didn't buy earplugs I would have been deaf at the end of the night. The venue was smaller - I don't think they needed the music that loud, but it worked out in the end with the ear plugs.


Simple Plan sang numerous hits. Some of the songs included: I'm Just a Kid, Jump, Summer Paradise, Singin' in the Rain, Welcome to My Life, Crazy, Boom, Shut Up!, and of course, Perfect. One thing I have always loved about Simple Plan is how thankful they are for their fans. They've been making music / touring for 15 years with all of the original band members {which is amazing!}. What I like about going to their shows now is that the crowd seems to be "hardcore" SP fans which makes the experience infinitely better. Everyone loves the band. Everyone knows the words. Everyone wants to soak up the moment.


I sang and screamed my little heart out the whole time and lost myself in the SP experience. It was definitely a great night. This was my sisters first SP show and it was a great one to attend!


Now I'm dreaming of where the next concert may take me...