557 Boylston | Boston, Massachusetts | 02116 | Menu

I have been wanting to try Dig Inn since it has opened. I finally decided to go this weekend. Dig Inn is a healthy, affordable brunch option. They also have a coffee station. I personally do not like coffee, so did not try it, however, many people were ordering only coffee.


I ordered the quinoa waffle and avocado toast. All the items are served in stone bowls - which is so cool. However, it was a little difficult trying to hold both bowls while waiting in line. I wish there were a tray to carry if you were by yourself.


I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw quinoa waffle on the menu, however, I have seen photos and it looks delicious. I wanted to try it and it is quite amazing. They ask if you want ricotta added and your answer should be yes. It's delicious.


I have to be totally honest, I was not crazy about the avocado toast. I was a little disappointed that I didn't like it because I love avocado toast. I think what threw me off was the kale salt. It was a weird flavor for me, and did not enjoy it as much. I wasn't sure if I would like it with the ricotta, but I actually liked the ricotta and avocado mixture.


I decided to try the sparkling water since I don't like coffee and they only had hot tea. It was a great alternative!

Next time I go, I want to try the egg sandwich. It sounded delicious, but I was set on trying the quinoa waffle and avocado toast before going.

Have you been to Dig Inn? What are your favorite items?