Beacon Hill is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Boston. I love walking around the charming neighborhood. Christmas is one of the best times as everything is decorated. The light poles, store fronts, houses / apartments... it's quintessential New England.

I've taken a stroll or two or ten through Beacon Hill this month to admire the Christmas decorations. Not only does a committee decorate the neighborhood, but residents of Beacon Hill decorate their own houses to make it oh so festive!


Even when it snows, Beacon Hill is very charming. The charm factor exemplifies by 10 when the snow falls. My heart becomes full and warm and fuzzy with the decorations and snow.


Beacon Hill is a wonderful place for a photo shoot. Essentially, any time of the year is great, but when it's the first snow fall, it's the best. I just so happened to have a photo shoot scheduled with the wonderfully talented Madeline Heising when the first snow fell. I was so excited for this photo shoot because I have been vying for a snow photo shoot the past couple of years. Let me tell you, having your pictures taken on a snow day in Beacon Hill puts the cherry on top of the Christmas season. It was a magical morning and the pictures are amazing. I want to stare at them all the time.


What is your favorite neighborhood to take a stroll through during the Christmas season?