Earlier this year, I attended the VogeFashionRunway show. This show featured Boston designer, Casa de Angelina. I was in love with all of her designs because each outfit contains sequins.  I'm in love with shiny dresses. Unfortunately, I can't wear sequence dresses everywhere I go, so I have a few for special occasions.

Angelina invited me to her studio to try on some of her designs. It was so much fun playing dress up and a great opportunity to learn more about Angelina, the mastermind of Casa de Angelina. The dresses I tried on were the Ms. Pacific, Ms. Kara, Ms. Atlantic, and Ms. Solomon. Her cat wanted to be in the mini photo shoot as well {he was so adorable!}.

I liked the first three dresses I tried on. The first two dresses were tent dresses, the last two were more form fitting. Although I loved the Ms. Solomon dress on a hanger, it was too snug when I tried it on. I do love that the sleeves mimic a sparkly cape. The great thing about the material Angelina uses for her dresses is that it stretches. I wore smalls or mediums {usually I'm medium / large}. The Ms. Atlantic dress was a small, it fit much nicer than the medium I tried on in the same dress. The medium not only felt bigger on my body, but the sleeves of the dress were also long on me.

I learned that Angelina designs her dresses to make women feel great. She doesn't want women to wear her dresses for a man {although, they can!}. However, she wants women to wear them for themselves. She wants them to feel amazing in her dresses for a night on the town, an event, a date - as long as the woman feels comfortable in it! The dresses are meant as a form of expression for the woman. Dress it up or dress it down - make it your own, but feel great wearing the dress.

I must say, i'm quite in love with the Ms. Atlantic dress. Pair it with a cute black booties, and you have yourself a dress for a night on the town!

Check out Casa de Angelina's website, attend one of the fashion shows she is in, and support local Boston designers!

Creative director.