Four Reasons to Visit Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island

I am all about exploring New England as much as I possibly can. Since I don't have a car {and can't always bug someone to cart me around!}, train is one of my favorite options. Thankfully, the MBTA has the Commuter Rail {aside from Amtrak!} which can take me to different parts of Massachusetts and to Providence - which is the place that this blog post is all about!

I decided over Memorial Day weekend to head to Providence for a day trip because I wanted to get out of the city for a bit to explore a new place - even if it was only for a day. I chose to take the Commuter Rail because I could decide what time I wanted to come back instead of choosing a specific time through Amtrak.

I mainly walked around downtown this trip - but definitely plan on going back to Providence in the future to explore more!

ONE | Mural Tour

I'm dubbing this as the "Mural Tour." Providence has quite a few murals located off of Washington Street. If you walk along the street, you're bound to come across murals. I'm a bit obsessed with murals, so this was one of the top things to see during my day trip.

TWO | Rhode Island State House

The State House is absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure the inside is even more incredible, but considering it was a weekend, I couldn't go inside! Definitely be sure to stop by to take in the gorgeous architecture.

THREE | Benefit Street

Benefit Street is pretty cool. This street has many old homes and buildings. I couldn't walk the whole street because Brown University was holding their graduation the day I was visiting, but I was able to see part of it and loved looking at the older homes.

FOUR | The Views

Honestly, just walking around and soaking everything in was one of the highlights of my trip. I enjoyed looking at the architecture of the buildings and sitting along side the river.

Have you been to Providence? What are your favorite things about Providence?

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