A {Not Your Avg} Foodie Guide to Ireland


While in Ireland, I pushed myself to try things I normally wouldn't have in America. I was adventurous to an extent. I discovered that I loved seafood chowder. Each restaurant made it differently, but it was still delicious all the same. 

I'm sharing some of my favorite meals I had while in Ireland in my {Not Your Avg} Foodie Guide to Ireland:

Bangers + Mash // The Patriots Inn

bri rinehart; ireland; bangers and mash

After the Kilmainham Gaol tour, I popped in to the Patriots Inn since it was the closest thing and I was starving. I considered getting a burger, but decided on Bangers + Mash once I saw it on the menu. I've always wanted to try it, but figured it wouldn't be the same if I had it in the States. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the dish. I'm not a huge gravy fan, but decided to try the dish as is and was very glad I did.

Fried Brie + Cheeseburger // The Brazen Head

bri rinehart; ireland; brazen head
bri rinehart; ireland; brazen head

If you're at The Brazen Head and want a little something to eat, I highly recommend the fried brie. It is heavenly. I shared this with friends. It was hard not to eat it all myself. I also ordered a cheeseburger which was very tasty - it had the perfect amount of juice.

Queen of Tarts

bri rinehart; ireland; queen of tarts

I don't remember the name of the dish I had while here, however, I tried something new and it was really good. It reminded me a bit of a glorified pig in a blanket. It was a sausage wrapped in a croissant.

Roasted Chicken // Madigan's

bri rinehart; ireland; madigans

Madigan's is a pub that was close to my hotel. I decided to go there after a long day of walking. I went with the roasted chicken for my dish. I was not expecting such an elaborate plate to come out from a pub. The chicken was very delicious - it was roasted in a lemon sauce. The mashed potatoes were perfect and the vegetables were delicious. I'm not a big asparagus or carrot fan, but had some of them anyway.

Seafood Chowder // Fountain Tavern

bri rinehart; ireland; seafood chowder

My favorite dish while I was in Ireland was the seafood chowder. As I mentioned earlier, each restaurant made it a bit differently, but they were still really good. Seafood chowder is a chowder with a variety of seafood in it. 

Now, I'm wishing I had a bowl of seafood chowder. Quick trip to Ireland, anyone?

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