A Wisconsin 4th of July

Madison, Wisconsin

This year for the Fourth of July, I celebrated in Wisconsin.

Yes, you read that right.


My friend from junior high recently moved to Wisconsin earlier this year with her little family and I decided to take a little trip to the Mid-West to visit and see what Wisconsin was like. It was a great weekend. Since my friend has a toddler, we had to make room for her daily naps which meant it was also rest time for the adults. Which is nice, because usually when I travel I am on the go from the moment I get up until I return to my Airbnb or hotel room. Basically, we did things around the nap time and had time to relax - which should be an ideal vacation for anyways.

BUT! We're here to discuss the Fourth of July in Wisconsin.

This is the fourth state I've celebrated Fourth of July in and I'm always a little critical of the day because I love the Fourth of July. Besides Christmas {and my birthday!}, it's my favorite holiday.

In the morning we volunteered at a local park that was hosting a carnival in the afternoon. We helped bundle tickets before we headed back to get ready for the parade. The neighborhood hosts a parade where basically everyone is in the parade walking from a school to the park. It was fun to see everyone get into the Fourth of July spirit. Bicycles, wagons, and people were decorated with American pride. Once we reached the park, we had lunch and participated in the cake walk. After the cake walk, we went back to my friends place to relax before deciding what to do next.

Since it was my last full day in Wisconsin, we decided we needed to find a place that was open and had cheese curds so I could try them. Seems easy, right? Wrong. We called about 10 different places to see if we could get some of the infamous cheese curds. Each time the question was: "Are you open today?" "Do you have cheese curds?" We had so many yes / no combinations or voicemails, we feared we wouldn't be able to get cheese curds. Finally the Great Dane Pub was open AND had cheese curds for us to enjoy. My friend's husband joked that since it took so long for us to find a place the cheese curds would be anti-climatic. I wouldn't say it was anti-climatic... I just did not hear the angels singing once I had a cheese curd. However, cheese curds are delicious and you should definitely try them. I'm not sure how to describe them, but they're really good.

great dane cheese curds bri rinehart

After eating the infamous cheese curds, we walked around a shopping center before heading back to barbecue. Since we're Central Valley kids, we decided to make tri-tip - or what we thought was tri-tip. We realize that once we're out of our area, it's hard to find certain things - like tri-tip. After evaluating the cooked piece of meat, we decided that it was not tri-tip because it was missing the tip. However, the tri-tip imposter was delicious.

bbq; bri rinehart; 4th of july

To top off the Fourth of July, my friend and I went to watch fireworks. The fireworks were hosted on a golf course which was pretty cool. The show was decent. A couple of the fireworks shot off close to the ground, which was scary. There were also two encores and random fireworks going off in between the encores. It seemed as though they didn't realize they had lit all the fireworks. I can't complain too much because I love watching fireworks.

fireworks; bri rinehart; 4th of july
firework; bri rinehart; 4th of july

Overall, I had a great time experiencing Fourth of July in a new state. It's fun to spend the day with friends going to carnivals, barbecuing and watching fireworks!

How did you spend your Fourth of July?

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