Adventure is Waiting: Pennsylvania Edition


I'm just a traveling fool this summer. I've been to Maryland and DC, LA, PENNSYLVANIA.. and summer isn't even over yet. My brother lives in Pennsylvania. He decided to move there once he was done with the Marine Core to go to school. In June, he graduated with his degree. My mom came up with a brilliant plan to surprise him. His friends were in on it, which helped a great deal because I don't think it would have gone as smoothly without them.

We arrived in Pittsburgh at 12:15 AM Friday morning. We were supposed to be there at 11:45, but our captains were coming from another aircraft that had just landed, so we had to wait for them. Our captain's name was Captain Kirk. Amongst my sister and my mom, we made jokes about Spock being Second Captain. We arrived at our hotel around 2:00 AM since we had to travel to another city. We slept for about 4 hours before we were up again to surprise my brother at a breakfast the school was having. We ended up getting lost on our way to the school, and missed the breakfast. BUT, we did get our surprise in since we were walking down the hallway when my brother was walking out.

After the surprise, we went to breakfast then relaxed and took naps at his place until it was time for graduation. Afterwards, we went to where he used to work to have dinner. It's called Buffalo Bill's Wild Wings. SO. Good. Go there if you're ever in the area. I think they are located in New Kinsington. After eating we went to a park to walk off our food then went ice skating. I'm not really a huge ice skater, but I had so much fun.

On Saturday, we slept in because us Californian's hadn't quite adjusted to the time change and were uber tired. By the time we woke up and got ready for the day it was lunch time, so we went to Dino's Sports Lounge. Oh. My. Goodness. You need to go to this place as well if you're ever in Pennsylvania. Not sure if it's just located in that state or other states. But it's delicious. Also, they give you popcorn to snack on instead of chips, which made me like it a thousand times more. After eating, we headed to Pittsburgh for the afternoon. We went to Fort Pitt and discovered some cool things about Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh was named after William Pitt. The family crest of William Pitt had the colors black and gold which is where the official colors of all the sports teams come from. The Steelers and Pirates originally had those colors and when the Penguins were founded, they had blue and white which were also on the family crest. After a while, the Penguins decided to change their colors to black and gold, but the Boston Bruins said they couldn't because those were their colors for their team. The matter went to court, and the Bruins ended up having to share the colors because of the history behind it. Also, Pittsburgh is pronounced the way it is because originally, the Scottish [who had founded the city] pronounced it as Pitts-borough. When the Germans came through, they changed the pronunciation to Pitts-burgh and it has remained that way ever since.

While in Pittsburgh, LUKE BRYAN and his openers were sound checking at Heinz Field, which is right across the river from the Fort Pitt area. I was quite sad because I was not going to be going to this concert.

By Heinz Field, the river parts, and you can stand at the tip of it on the other side from the field [which is where we were standing in this picture^]. It was pretty neat to be able to stand at where it parts. After walking around a bit more, we decided to walk over to PPG Place. There was an art statue. It was so cool to see! It was A Turn of the Century by J. Seward Johnson:

After checking out PPG Place, we walked across the Liberty Bridge to the Duquesne Incline. You take this cable car up this hill and can see all of Pittsburgh. They have a little platform where you can go out and see the city. It is so awesome. It's five bucks per person round trip. Take the time to do this if you ever go.

On Sunday, we just relaxed. We ended up taking a hike and then went to my brother's friends families house to have dinner with them. We called it an early night as we had to go to the airport to head home the next day. We left for the airport early in the morning since we heard traffic going into Pittsburgh would be horrific. We took this route that would take us away from all of the tunnels and traffic annnnd we got lost. Twice. Which isn't quite fun with my family because none of us come out as happy campers. BUT we made it to the airport with four minutes to spare to the time we had to turn our car in. Somehow we made it. The flight home wasn't too bad, besides the fact that our connecting plane from LAX to Fresno "nose dived" their landing. It was so weird. But, we made it home safely and that is all that matters!