Book Review | The Wedding

book review.

I felt as though the beginning of the book was a bit slow, but once the story picked up, I couldn't put the book down.

The Wedding is a follow up to The Notebook. The book does not center on Noah and Allie, however the main characters are Wilson and Jane (Noah and Allie's daughter). The story line begins with Wilson forgetting their anniversary (gasp!). Jane feels unloved and retreats to New York to visit their son. While she is gone, Wilson realizes how much he misses her and wonders how to make their marriage right. Over the course of the year, he works on correcting everything he has done wrong.

Their 30th anniversary is approaching and Wilson has a redemption gift planned for Jane. Two weeks before their anniversary, one of their daughters announces she is engaged. But, she wants to get married before her aging grandfather, Noah, passes. She says she wants to get married in two weeks - the same day as her parents anniversary. Of course, Jane and Wilson say yes to letting her get married on their anniversary. Wilson arranges to help clean up Noah and Allie's house, help with catering, finding a musician... all the while trying to gain Jane's trust and affection.

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Screenshot 2016-03-26 23.41.13