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Hanford may not be a top destination spot in California, but if you're passing through, there are a variety of places and things to do! As someone who was born and raised in Hanford, here are the top places to see, eat at, and get dessert!

Places to see: Downtown || Downtown Hanford is one of my favorite places to be. The shops are very cute and have the "old town" feel. The Civic Park is beautiful, my recommendation would be to go during the day as later in the day, its not the most charming place to be. There is even a carousel downtown, which is normally open for certain events or when it's really nice out. The Fox Theater || This theater is so beautiful. The outside still has its old school style to it. The inside is gorgeous. Any seat you sit in has a terrific view. It's a great place to see a show! China Alley || China Alley is very small, but it's really cool to see. A great place to pop in to is LT Sue TeaRoom. They make all their own flavors and have so many to choose from!



Ryan's Place

 || Ryan's Place is my favorite restaurant in the world. It's a diner and the menu isn't that fancy, but I love the hometown feel when I'm there.

Bri's recommendation

: Triple Decker Club {{ you can ask for them to add avocado for a small cost + it makes it more delicious }}

Hong Kong

 || Hong Kong is my favorite Chinese restaurant. Their food is so delicious and everything I have tried is great.

Bri's recommendation

: Hong Kong Chow Mein {{ with soft noodles }}, Wontons, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Chicken Teriyaki, Shrimp Fried Rice

La Fiesta

 || Any Mexican restaurant in California is delicious - but in Hanford, La Fiesta is my favorite. I'm weird and don't like enchiladas, so I usually choose between a chicken tostada and chimichanga. Most plates come with refried beans and rice which is very delicious. Also, their margaritas are on point.

Bri's recommendation

: Chicken Tostada, Chimichanga


|| Burger. Fries. Shake. The best.

Bri's recommendation

: Number 2 Plain with Extra Crispy fries and Strawberry Shake


: Ryan's Place, Hong Kong, and La Fiesta are local restaurants that are either located only in Hanford or select cities in California.

Photo Nov 18, 11 03 10 PM

Photo Nov 18, 11 03 10 PM



Superior Dairy

 || This is the BEST ice cream you will ever have. All ice cream is handmade using local products. What makes Superior Dairy different from any other ice cream parlor is their serving size. Their single scoop is the size of a triple {{ or even quadruple scoop }} anywhere else. I've been to Superior Dairy numerous times where people who are out-of-towners ask to take pictures of your ice cream because they can't believe how huge it is. I can never finish my servings and usually get a to go cup at the end to take it home. Superior Dairy also serves food, although, you don't want to order food when you go. All your "free stomach space" should be ready for the ice cream. The inside still has its 50s feel, complete with pink booths.

Bri's recommendation

: Chocolate Chip + Banana Split {{ although I recommend splitting this with multiple people }}

Have you been to Hanford? What are your favorite places?