Create Your Own Coffee Table

I've been living without a coffee table for a year. I could never find a table that I liked so I never purchased one. However, I had found a pin on Pinterest where people had made their own tables out of a picture frame. All they had to do was add legs. I had always wanted to make one, but never did it.

A couple of months ago, I found a picture frame on the free shelf near my apartment. I was not sure what I had wanted to do with it and it has been leaning against my wall taking up space while I figured it out. While I was home in California, I remembered my Pinterest finding and decided I wanted to make a picture frame coffee table. I finally had a frame, all I needed was some legs.

After researching table legs online, I discovered they are very pricey for what they are. After searching some more, I decided I wanted to get some crates to use as a base instead of table legs. I recently went to Michael's and found small pallets that would work as a base. I bought two of them to make my table sturdy.

I bought my favorite paint, Americana Decor, to paint the wooden pallets. I decided to paint the pallets black to match the rest of the furniture in my apartment. I almost painted it a different color, but I figured I should keep it all the same color. I personally prefer the chalky finish paint because I like the way it looks. You can get the clear wax  that goes over it, but I prefer the chalky matte.

I did a couple of layers on each pallet. My problem when I paint is that I get impatient waiting for it to dry. I always get frustrated, but it all worked out and the pallets look great.

After painting my pallets, I decided to add some momentos to my frame. I picked some post cards, tickets, pictures and a cool sign from Nashville. I also decided to add an old drivers license that I had.

Photo Dec 13, 7 57 15 PM

I'm happy with the finished product. I love the way it looks and I love that it was so easy to make!

Looking for more DIY coffee table inspiration? Check out this great article on the DailyCupo to make your own table!

Have you made your own coffee table? How did you make yours?