Escape to the Cliffs of Moher + Galway


One of the great things about Ireland is you can travel to the other side of the country in one day. During my travels, I decided to see a bit of the country instead of staying in Dublin the whole time. I am quite glad I did because Ireland is absolutely beautiful and has so much to offer.

While I was searching for things to do in Ireland via Pinterest, I stumbled across a blog post on Nina Near and Far about visiting the Giant's Causeway. They booked their tour with Love Ireland. I decided that I wanted to go to Giant's Causeway after seeing the beautiful pictures and decided to look at other tours the company offered. A day trip that caught my eye was the Cliffs of Moher Tour. The images of the cliffs looked absolutely beautiful. I knew I wanted to travel there after reading what the day consisted of.

With this package, I would be able to see the Cliffs of Moher, Doolin, The Burren, and Galway. I had heard great things about Galway so the fact I could see a beautiful landmark and see a bit of Galway was perfect for me.

This tour begins at 7:00 AM which means you have to meet at the Molly Malone statue at 6:50 AM. I decided to walk from my hotel since Google maps said it was not far away. I left 30 minutes early in case I got lost. It was only my third day in Ireland - I was bound to get lost. Especially in the early morning. Did I get lost? Yup. I did. I eventually found my way after I had to ask a delivery man where Suffolk Street was. He replied I was standing on it and asked where I needed to go. He pointed me in the right direction and I barely made it with my group. I happened to be the last person on the bus which meant I had a choice of two seats: the seat at the very front of the bus next to the driver or all the way in the back in the middle between other travelers. I opted for sitting in the back of the bus because I knew I would have been freaked out if I sat up front. It's nothing against Irish bus drivers - I've sat at the front of buses in America and have been freaked out by the drivers. I'm glad I sat in the back because I ended up chatting with the people sitting around me.

If you're not sure if you would like taking a touristy day trip - let me tell you {as someone who was trying to not look too touristy around Dublin} you should take a touristy day trip. Here are the perks: you don't have to drive - especially if you're not used to driving on the "opposite" side of the car, you get to enjoy the scenery as a passenger, and your driver tells you different tidbits along the way. He was the best driver - he told jokes, sang, and made sure we knew different facts along the way. On the way to Cliffs of Moher, he pointed out the battlefield used in Bravehart

As we approached the Cliffs of Moher, it was apparent the weather would not be in our favor that morning. The weather in Ireland is unpredictable. I booked my tour one month before my trip and hoped it would work out weather wise. I figured it would most likely rain, but we ended up with fog. Since it was foggy, we were given an hour to explore the cliffs and the gift shop.

bri rinehart; cliffs of moher; day trip; ireland
cliffs of moher; ireland; o'brien's tower; bri rinehart
bri rinehart; cliffs of moher; ireland
cliffs of moher; bri rinehart; ireland

I walked along the cliff and was able to faintly make out the outline of the cliffs. I walked around a bit and then visited the gift shop to get a post card since I like to collect one from every place I visit. After I came out of the gift shop it appeared the fog was lifting. I went back to the walkway and was able to see the cliffs. The fog lifted for about 15 minutes. I took the opportunity to get a few pictures before they disappeared again.

bri rinehart; cliffs of moher; ireland
bri rinehart; cliffs of moher; ireland

After everyone got on the bus, we headed to Doolin where we would be stopping for lunch. We ate lunch at Fitzgerald's Pub. The pub is so cute and quaint. We only had 45 minutes to get our meals and eat. I decided to try the seafood chowder because I had seen it on a lot of menus so figured it was something I should try. I was happy I decided to get it because it was very delicious and perfect to eat on a cold day.

doolin; fitzpatrick's pub; ireland
doolin; fitzpatrick's pub; ireland; seafood chowder

From Doolin, we traveled to the Burren which is a landscape of rocks. Okay, that description sounds boring but! it's the most amazing sight. The rocks look as though they are some kind of volcanic rock but they are not. You can walk all the way to the cliff - which is an amazing view. Be careful - there are no walls and the wind can be a mighty force.

the burren; bri rinehart; ireland
the burren; bri rinehart; ireland
bri rinehart; the burren; ireland
bri rinehart; the burren; ireland

We began our journey to Galway from the Burren. We stopped for a quick picture opportunity of the Dunguaire Castle. This castle is used in a lot of movies. When we asked our driver which movies, he said a lot of Scottish movies.

dunguaire castle; ireland; bri rinehart

Our last stop of the day tour was in Galway. We had an hour and fifteen minutes to explore. They had a Christmas market so I checked it out to see what it was like. The Christmas market was very cute. There were little shops and food stands. I also walked to the shopping center area to check out the shops and alley ways. Galway was decorated for Christmas in the best way. There were lights and decorations everywhere.

bri rinehart; galway; christmas market; ireland
glaway; bri rinehart; ireland
galway; bri rinehart; ireland
bri rinehart; galway; christmas market; ireland

Once our time in Galway was over, we were back on the bus heading to Dublin. We were supposed to arrive in Dublin around 7:00 PM, but ended up in the city closer to 8:00 PM. The day was long, but well worth the travel. The bus driver does not talk much while he is driving to the pit stop to allow people to rest. Which is great since I was very tired. I had a great day taking in the sights of the Cliffs of Moher, the Irish countryside and Galway. Definitely a day trip you should take!

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