Fearless: Dublin

I'm starting a new monthly series where I will be sharing something fearless I've done each month. I constantly try to challenge myself to do new things - even if I'm frightened at first. But after I combat my fear, I realize either that I really enjoyed it or that I hated it and never want to do it again. Usually, I enjoy whatever I'm combating.

But what is fearless?

According to the dictionary:


To kick off my series, I'll be sharing about my journey in going to Dublin solo. Don't worry - there will be plenty more blog posts on my adventures in Dublin - but first, we'll go through what came before that.

Last year, I decided that I wanted to go somewhere new for my birthday every year. Whether it's an international trip, or a trip within the states, I wanted to go exploring. To kick off my big birthday trip, I wanted to go abroad. I had not gone out of the country yet, so I was dying to go. It took me a while to decide which country to go to, but eventually, I narrowed down my choices to Ireland, England or Scotland. After checking out ticket prices, Ireland won. I booked my ticket and instantly began to freak out.

I was going abroad.

Now, I like to say November is the best month because it's my birthday month BUT, depending on when your birthday is in November, it can be overshadowed by Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving - which is exactly the case for my birthday. The "pro" in this is that my birthday fell close to Thanksgiving this year, so it was the perfect time to take three days off to have a week vacation. It's a win-win.

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I was fearful of going abroad for the first time alone. I had always said I wanted to have a travel buddy to go abroad, but I realized that I didn't want to wait my whole life to do the things I want because I didn't have someone to do them with. I might be waiting a long time to have a travel buddy. So I had to decide between my dream of wanting to travel the world or idly waiting because I was scared.

My dream of traveling the world won.

Excitement took over my emotions first. I couldn't wait for three months to pass so I could go on this great adventure. However, the day before my trip, I freaked out. I was worried about figuring out the public transportation, getting lost while wandering around the city, not liking the food, and more. My mom and sister basically told me: "Eh, you'll be fine" but I was not listening. Luckily, my fears were put to ease once I was there.

Dublin is a cute city that reminds me quite a bit of Boston. Once you figure out where you're going, it's not too hard to get lost. The locals are friendly, there are pubs everywhere, and amazing sites to see! I had the best week and fell in love with Ireland. I was very happy I took the leap to go on this trip and combatted my fear of a solo abroad trip.

Now... where should be next adventure be?

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