Friday Intro \\ April

hey friends.

FRI-YAY! 🎊 Anyone else feel as though this week has been long? I started April not feeling so well, but I quickly recovered! And now it's almost time for the weekeeeeeend! Every first Friday of the month, I'll be sharing a few facts about myself for #FridayIntroduction.

bri rinehart; friday introduction; the bri creative

👋👋 I'm Bri {like the cheese but without the e}! I'm a California girl, lived in Boston for a few years + recently moved back to CA. I'm a photographer + marketer at the bri creative.

🍪 I dislike chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I dislike America's favorite cookie.
🍅 I'm a picky-ish eater. I've expanded my food horizon's bit while I lived in Boston, but there are still some foods that I won't eat.
💇 I've never died my hair. My hair has natural blonde + red highlights.
📀 I love vinyls + will always look through a vinyl bin when I see one.
🐕 I've somehow become a dog whisperer. Not sure how it's happened, but I'm not complaining.

Creative director.