Friday Intro \\ June

shot with nikon d3100

Hey friends! 👋 Bri here popping in to say hello + haaaaaaappy FRIYAY. Anyone else think that it's been a looooong week? I can't believe the first Friday of June is already here - we're 1/2 way through the year! ☀️ And with a new month comes a new #FridayIntroduction!

bri rinehart; photography

📸 First things first - I'm a photographer + marketer @ my small business, #thrbricreative. Based in California but always willing to travel.

🤣 I love to laugh. I often take quick selfies {like this one} and have to make myself laugh otherwise I have that fake smile look on my face 😬

✨ I often think too much about the future - which isn't a bad thing, but easy to get caught up in when I am *really* focusing on long-term goals.

☀️ Summer is one of my favorite seasons because the sun is out + the day{light} is long!

Your turn! Leave a fun fact about you below ⬇️

Creative director.