Helloooooooo, 2015

2014 - what a year. I decided in December of 2013 that I was going to move to the east coast. By the end of December, I had picked Boston. I then set a 'move date' to have a deadline of when I wanted to leave. I first chose June as my date, but realized I wouldn't have enough money to get to Boston. So I moved my date to September. Then, a miracle happened and I landed a job in July and had one month to move out to Boston. so. crazy.

In between all of that, I attended three weddings of my closest friends this year. One of these weddings was on the east coast. I traveled to Pennsylvania to visit my brother in the summer and again for Thanksgiving. I traveled with my mom and sister to Oregon to pick up my dad after his horrendous accident. I traveled to the coast. I went to concerts. I cherished all the moments I could at home before it was time to leave.

Sitting here on the first of 2015, pondering at the past year, I can't believe that 2014 is over. It's been an amazing journey. I made one dream of mine come true. I can check it off the list.

Now, thinking about 2015... I'm not sure what I all want to accomplish yet this year. I do know that I want to travel more. I want to go on more adventures. I want more dreams to come true. Check off more things on my bucket list. Go to more concerts. Take care of this blog more...

Ahh, the year brings so many possibilities! We're on to 2015!