Hey, I'm Bri

Hey friends! I normally don’t write pieces about myself, but with a new revamp of the website, I figured - why not?

I grew up in California, in the Central Valley. My hometown is not a destination point by any means. Growing up, everyone couldn't wait to get away, I was perfectly fine with staying close to home. I loved it there, why would I want to go so far away!?

Fast forward 4 years out of college and I pick up and moved to Boston. I knew no one and had never even set foot in Boston. A lot of people think I'm crazy for moving from California {oh, but the sunshine!!}. A lot of people thought/think I was brave. A lot of people think I'm gutsy... 

The truth of the matter is I never saw it as brave or gutsy, I just knew I wanted to live on the east coast for a while and settled on Boston. Fast forward another {almost!} 4 years and I'm still here! Most people thought I would move after the first winter - which also happened to be Boston's worst winter. I stuck it out and survived, and every winter since has seemed easy compared to that one.

bri rinehart; self portrait

Learn more about a few of my passions, some fast facts and what I'm currently listening to {and always taking suggestions!}:


Photography is one of my passions. It’s been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. In California, my side hustle was photography but then I stopped because life happens. I had one of those “should’ve had a V8” head slap moments when I realized photography is something I should be pursuing in my life.


I always have an itch to travel. The world is a beautiful place and I can’t wait until I can see much more than what I’ve already seen. I was mainly a domestic traveler until I went abroad in 2017. I traveled to Ireland and technically, the UK when I visited Northern Ireland during a couple of day trips.


1 | I forget that I have freckles.
2 | I suffered from avocado hand. I had to have surgery on my finger to repair my nerve.
3 | I have sung in Carnegie Hall.
4 | I wish I could be ambidextrous.
5 | I’m the oldest and shortest sibling.


1 | Dan + Shay, Self-Titled Album
2 | This Is Me - Keala Settle
3 | Champion - Carrie Underwood ft. Ludacris
4 | I Like It - Cardi B ft. Bad Bunny + J Balvin
5 | The Middle - Maren Morris, Zedd

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