Hey, It's Provincetown!

Provincetown, Massachusetts

One of the things I have wanted to do since moving to Massachusetts is go to the Cape. I finally made it to the Cape almost three years after moving here. I went with my friend, A, who had also not visited Provincetown / the Cape.

We decided to visit Provincetown {aka Ptown} because neither of us have a car, but there is a 90 minute ferry from Boston to Ptown. It's perfect because the ferry drops you off exactly where you want to be - close to Commercial Street.

While in Ptown, we walked along Commercial Street, visited the Pilgrim Monument, saw a parade, and ate delicious food! Below are a few highlights of the trip:

Commercial Street

provincetown; bri rinehart

This is a great place to be because there is so much going on! Cars are allowed on the street, but you would not think they would be considering there are so many people walking around. There are shops, restaurants and art galleries to pop in to along the way.

Pilgram Monument

pilgrim tower; bri rinehart

This monument is cool to see from afar. You can walk up the tower for $12. We decided that we didn't want to walk up the tower, so admired it from the outside.


jd's; provincetown; bri rinehart

We went to Yolqueria for brunch when we arrived. I really enjoyed the restaurant - it was what was needed to kickstart our day. We also popped in to JD's because they had $1 oysters + clams, $2 crab claws + $1.50 shrimp skewers. We also ordered fries and calamari because we wanted a little more to eat. We also ordered a drink to share {thinking it would be a pitcher and with two glasses} but this huge margarita type drink came out instead with two straws.


portuguese parade; provincetown; bri rinehart

While we were in Ptown, there was a Portuguese parade in the afternoon. I love parades, so I was excited to watch. I found a spot where they were serving food, but they didn't have sopas available, so I did not stop to eat {oh, how I miss sopas!}.


provincetown; bri rinehart

Ptown has plenty of open beach spots to sit and hang out at. We stopped by a couple of spots to admire the scenery.

commercial street; bri rinehart; provincetown
provincetown; bri rinehart
provincetown; bri rinehart
provincetown; bri rinehart
provincetown; bri rinehart
provincetown; bri rinehart

Exploring Ptown for the day has been one of my favorite day trips this whole summer. If you have not been yet, I recommend taking the ferry {if you don't want to drive!} and explore! You won't regret it.

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