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You're probably wondering: Bri, why are you doing a brunch review on a restaurant inside an airport? Well, I am going to tell you why - because it was freaking delicious and probably the best airport food I have ever eaten. Ever.

Normally I wouldn't blog about my dining experiences at the airport - mainly because when I do eat at the airport, it's a quick snack or popping in to a fast food place to get something. Most restaurants are over priced in airports and the food is okay, so why spend all the money for something that will most likely be "meh?"

I arrived at the Dublin a little early because I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get through everything. So, I stumbled across Marqette. It is a little food hall located in Terminal 1. They had a breakfast bar where you could pick out the items that you wanted, a yogurt bar, pastries, drinks, and a little food truck called the Hatch that serves omelettes, crepes or pancakes. I decided to get an omelette. You were able to choose three items that you wanted in your omelette. I chose bacon, ham and cheddar cheese. The chef cooks the omelette right in front of you. The chef on the morning of my flight was very friendly. After he finished cooking my omelette, I went to check out the drink options and saw a case full of pastries. I decided to pick out a fruit tart because it looked delicious and was calling my name. I then made my way to the drinks and decided to get a mini bottle of wine because it was the last day of my vacation. So, why not?

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I found an empty table and dug into my omelette. Oh. my. goodness. It was one of the best omelettes I have ever tasted. The chef had put a lot of cheese in my omelette, so it was oozing cheese as soon as you cut into it. I would never complain about too much cheese because I love cheese. I didn't realize how hungry I was when I ate it, but it didn't take long for the omelette to disappear. It was the perfect savory breakfast for my Saturday morning. Since I had time before my flight, I waited a bit to eat my fruit tart so my stomach had enough time to settle the omelette. I don't normally eat fruit tarts that often, however, I was pretty excited about this one. The fruit tart wasn't too sweet, but that cream - oh! It was heavenly.

If you're ever in the Dublin airport for breakfast - be sure to check out Marqette. You won't be disappointed!

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