Russell House Tavern

14 John F Kennedy St. | Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 | Menu 

I don't venture over to Cambridge too often anymore, but decided to try Russell House Tavern's brunch. One of the great things about Russell House Tavern is that it is located right next to the Harvard Square T stop.

Out of the brunch items I wanted to try, I was torn between the E.B.L.T. on a Croissant and the breakfast pizza. I don't come across an egg sandwich on a croissant too often, so I decided to get the E.B.L.T.

russell house tavern; bri rinehart

The original E.B.L.T. on a Croissant comes with two over easy Maine family farms eggs, sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato, bacon, aioli and home fries. I asked if the eggs could be over hard because I was not in the mood for over easy eggs and without the tomato because I cannot stand tomatoes. Trust me, I've tried so hard to like tomatoes because I love sandwiches and it seems like it would be great on a sandwich, but I can't get over the texture or the taste.

russell house tavern; bri rinehart

The E.B.L.T. on a Croissant was very delicious. I'm glad I asked for the over hard eggs because the eggs would have been everywhere if it were over easy. I was not a fan of the home fries - but I'm generally not a fan of home fries anywhere. 

Overall, I enjoyed my meal at Russell House Tavern and would want to go back to try the Breakfast Pizza because that looked equally delicious!

Have a brunch recommendation? Let me know in the comments!

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