SoMa at the Spire

1 O'Connell Street Upper, North City, Dublin 1, D01 HR04, Ireland

I visited Ireland and guess what I did - I went to brunch! Surprising? No? Didn't think so.

SoMa is conveniently located next to the Spire, a monument on O'Connell street. I popped in one morning to check out their food. Their menu is not extensive, but they had a good selection to choose from.

bri rinehart; soma; dublin; brunch


I decided to try the potato hash. This included potatoes and two poached eggs. You could also choose from three options of what you could include with your potato hash. I chose to add bacon, chorizo, and rocket. I wasn't entirely sure what rocket was, but figured I would try something new. I also ordered tea to go with my meal.

bri rinehart; brunch, soma; dublin

When my meal arrived, I quickly realized that rocket is a leafy green. Nothing too out of the ordinary. The dish was so delicious. The potatoes were perfectly crispy, the eggs were were perfect, and the bacon and chorizo were the perfect meat additions.

bri rinehart; brunch; dublin; soma

Overall, I highly recommend stopping by SoMa if you're in Dublin. You won't be disappointed.

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