Sun in my Belly

2161 College Ave NE | Atlanta, Georgia | Menu

I know I was only in Atlanta for a weekend, but Sun in my Belly was my favorite brunch spot. The space is cute. The tables are close together, so you get a little cozy with your neighbors, but everyone is friendly and it doesn't seem weird. My friend and I chose to come here solely on the fact that they have lavender biscuits. Yes, lavender biscuits!

bri rinehart; sun in my belly; atlanta

After waiting a bit for a table, we were seated and had to figure out what exactly we wanted to eat. There were so many options. I almost ordered the scrambled egg pressed panini until I noticed they had a croque madame (listed under their sandwich section) and knew that was what I wanted to order. The sandwiches came with a side, so I chose mac + cheese because I couldn't get enough mac + cheese while in Atlanta. I also ordered a lavender biscuit because I knew I had to try it. My friend ordered the kirkwood breakfast with a side of brussels sprout slaw. 

bri rinehart; sun in my belly; atlanta; georgia

I was so excited for my meal when it came out. Everything on the plate looked delicious. The croque madame was filled with smoked ham + gruyere + bechamel cream topped with two sunny-side eggs. I'm not a huge fan of sunny-side eggs unless they're on croque madames. The mac + cheese was also top notch. I couldn't really taste the lavender in the biscuit, but the biscuit was good. I couldn't finish my entire meal, but tried my best. My stomach became too full with all of the delicious food!

bri rinehart; sun in my belly; atlanta; georgia

Have you been to Sun in my Belly? What was your favorite dish?

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