The Ten Things You Should Do in Dublin


Visiting Dublin and wondering what you should do? I spent a week in Dublin and explored the city as much as I could! Many of my stops were based on recommendations from friends or ideas that I found on Pinterest. After experiencing Dublin, I have decided what my favorite parts of the trip were and what I would recommend you do if you're visiting for the first time!

Walking Tour

bri rinehart; dublin; ireland; temple bar
bri rinehart; dublin; ireland

Before I went to Dublin, my friends told me I should do a walking tour. One of my friends suggested taking the Sandeman's Walking Tour. It's a free tour with the option to tip your tour guide at the end. The tour is three hours long and takes you to various places in South Dublin. I took this tour my third day in the city and I realized that I should have done within my first two days of the trip so I could plan my week out better. The tour guide is extremely helpful, giving you tips along the way and taking time to chat with people so you can ask questions if you don't want to ask in front of everyone. 

Grafton Street

bri rinehart; dublin; ireland; grafton street
bri rinehart; dublin; ireland

Walk down Grafton Street. Since I went in November, it was decorated for Christmas! It was so pretty. Grafton Street is, in the best way I can put it, an outdoor shopping center. The street is lined with shops and alley ways.

Guinness Factory

guinness; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland
bri rinehart; guinness factory; ireland; dublin
bri rinehart; dublin; guinness; ireland

When in Ireland, one must have a Guinness. I went to the Guinness Factory before my trip ended because I heard there are spectacular views once you reach the top of the museum. People were correct. You can look out over the entire city. It's very crowded up there, so trying to get to a window to take pictures was difficult. At the end of the tour, you receive a free pint of Guinness. It's a win-win after exploring seven stories. On one of the floors is a tasting room that you can opt-out of doing if you want to keep going. I recommend waiting in line for this because they explain how to properly drink a Guinness. I was surprised to actually like the taste of Guinness - I'm not a huge beer fan but enjoyed it!

Pro tip: Purchase your tickets online! They're more expensive when you purchase them at the counter.


bri rinehart; pub; o'neill's; dublin; ireland
dublin; brazen head; bri rinehart; ireland
bri rinehart; temple bar; ireland; dublin

So, you can't visit Dublin without visiting a pub. You have to do it. Even if you don't drink, just go hang out in one. There are many pubs that play live music - who wouldn't want to listen to live music!? I recommend popping in to the Brazen Head - it's the oldest pub in Ireland, The Temple Bar - yes, it's super touristy but! really cool, O'Neils, and Stags Head.

Pub Crawl

bri rinehart; big bob's; dublin; ireland
bri rinehart; dublin; ireland; pub crawl
bri rinehart; o'neill's; dublin; ireland

Sometimes {okay, maybe a lot of the time} I'm socially awkward and am not always the best at striking up conversations with people at a bar, so if you're the same, I highly recommend going on a pub crawl. It's a great way to meet people without being too awkward and will end up making friends, plus you'll get to see a variety of bars and nightlife in Dublin - which is something I wanted to do. Sandeman's also hosts a pub crawl for 12 euros. I went on the tour a few days after my walking tour and ended up meeting people who had gone on the walking tour that day and had known each other from the group. I thought it was awkward at first, but quickly realized I was being silly. The pub crawl was fun and you get discounts on drinks at every stop. The last stop is a club.

Dublin Castle

bri rinehart; dublin castle; dublin; ireland
bri rinehart; dublin castle; dublin; ireland
dublin castle; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland
dublin castle; throne; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland
dublin castle; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland
dublin castle; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland

Most of the touristy things in Dublin cost money, however, most things were decently priced. The tour costs 10 euros and lasts an hour. I really wanted to know what a castle looked like inside, so I had to take a tour of it. It was a neat experience and worth taking a look at. Do note - if you have a backpack, place it in one of the lockers before the tour. You'll be asked to do it before a section of the tour. The lockers are free.

Trinity College + The Long Room in the Old Library

trinity college; ireland; dublin; bri rinehart
bri rinehart; long library; ireland; dublin; trinity college
bri rinehart; long library; dublin; ireland; trinity college
bri rinehart; dublin; ireland; long library; trinity college

Trinity College is gorgeous. Explore the grounds and make sure to see the Book of Kells and the Long Room in the Old Library. The Book of Kells and Long Room in the Old Library exhibit is 14 euros and definitely worth it! It was one of the best experiences. The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript of the Gospel in Latin. The Long Room in the Old Library is one of the oldest libraries and houses many first edition books. The books are ordered by the largest books placed on the bottom shelves, with the books getting smaller as they reach the top. The library is similar to the Oxford Library {where Harry Potter was filmed}, but different as many locals will point out.

Kilmainham Gaol

kilmainham gaol; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland
kilmainham gaol; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland
kilmainham gaol; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland
kilmainham gaol; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland
kilmainham gaol; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland

The Kilmainham Gaol is a former prison where many prisoners of a variety of Irish history were held - particularly the leaders of the Easter Rising. If you want to go on this tour, I recommend purchasing tickets well ahead of your trip as tours sell out. The tour costs 9 euros and lasts an hour. Be prepared to learn a lot of history about Ireland's first rebellion - the Easter Rising and how the prison changed before it was eventually closed.

St. Stephen's Green

bri rinehart; st. stephen's green; dublin; ireland
bri rinehart; st. stephen's green; dublin; ireland
st. stephen's green; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland

St. Stephen's Green is a beautiful garden to walk around. It's located at the end of Grafton Street. There is a pond and a water fountain on the grounds. Even if you just walk through it on your way to your destination, you should check it out. 

Ha'Penny Bridge

ha'penny bridge; bri rinehart; dublin; ireland
bri rinehart; dublin; ireland; ha'penny bridge
bri rinehart; dublin; ireland; ha'penny bridge

The Ha'Penny Bridge is a pedestrian bridge over the River Liffey. While there, it appeared to be the most popular pedestrian bridge. Once you cross over the bridge, you are in the Temple Bar area of Dublin. 

Notable Mentions:

- Phoenix Park
- Ireland Museum of Modern Art
- The Spire

Places I Wanted to Go to, but ran out of time:

- Jameson Factory
- Chester Beatty Library {don't take a backpack unless you have the correct change to put it in a locker}

Have you been to Dublin? Would you add or takeaway from this list?

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