Tipful Tuesday \\ Experiment


It’s a word I’ve thrown around quite a bit in my Tipful Tuesday videos. You’ll probably hear other photographers talk about experimenting as well. Why do we say you should experiment? It’s a great way to expand your photography skill set, find out which photography niche you like or discover something new.

This is the great thing about art - it’s always okay to experiment. There is no such thing as a bad experiment. It’s especially crucial when you first begin your photography journey because you need to learn the ins-and-outs and to discover what you exactly like to photograph. You learn your photography skill set in the process of experimenting. Through experimenting, you’re learning about your camera, which ISO setting is the best exposure for your photos, and more.

After you’ve discovered your photography skills and niche, you may think you don’t have to experiment as often anymore. Wrong. Let me tell you why: no matter your photography level, you should never stop experimenting. Although you make yourself an expert wedding photographer, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and dabble in another niche. Or if you’re looking to get out of a photography funk and need to take pictures of something outside of your realm - EXPERIMENT. Grab your camera and try to view things in a new way. Focus on architecture. Focus on patterns. Focus on flowers. Figure out why you fell in love with photography again.

Even if the pictures don’t come out the way you want to, you may find a gem or two {or more} while you’re looking back at what images you captured.

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