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What to Expect When You Work With Me

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What to Expect When You Work With Me

All your questions answered!

If we haven’t worked together before, I wanted to share what you’d expect when working with me. I love to make photo shoots as fun as possible because let’s face it - not everyone loves to be in front of the camera. I get it. Not only do I like to capture posed photographs, I also like to capture the candid moments - so be yourself!

{note: this guide is ideal for those with head shots, mini sessions or the session}

Here’s what to expect when you’re working with me:

  • Consult Before the Session
    If you’re a little nervous for your photo session and want to meet me before the session, let me know! I am willing to meet with my clients to go over the details of their session, what to wear, the time of the day would be ideal for their session, locations and more! So, let’s grab a cup of tea {or coffee!} and chat.
    If you don’t want to meet prior to the session, email correspondence with all the details will follow once you make an appointment. I am also willing to chat via Skype if that is more likely your thang.

  • Reminder
    I will contact you prior to the appointment to remind you of your upcoming photo session. {Get excited!}

  • Your Session
    On the day of your session we will meet at the location we have agreed upon. I’ll double check on what you will want from your session then proceed to your session. Let’s have FUN! Be yourself!

  • Your Images
    The turnaround time for editing images and sending them back to the client is about seven days. If it will be longer, I will contact you to let you know. Once the images are ready, I will send you a link to my online gallery to pick out the pictures you wish to download. Depending on the photo session the client has chosen, they will receive a code to download the amount of pictures included with the session. If any additional photos would like to be purchased, they are available for $5 each. Galleries will be available online to the client for 1 year before being removed.
    *If you prefer a package with printed images, please let me know and I will give you those details.

Other details:

  • Payment
    I currently accept payment via Venmo, Square, or PayPal. Payment is due by the time of your session.

  • Contracts
    I ask all clients to sign a release form for the use of their pictures on my social media, portfolio and marketing materials.

Have more questions? Drop a comment below or send me an email and I will answer your questions!

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